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The weather is dull, dark & rainy which makes you sit inside wondering what to do to kill your precious time. Rain is often considered as a primary mood-killer & event spoiler. There is little to do when it is raining, moreover, the dark clouds & muddy landscape makes it depressing, especially when you planned something for a sunny day. How many have you been in a situation where the rain ruined everything? I guess, most of us have experienced such an instance and curse the nature to bring in the uninvited showers.

If you think we are going to accuse rain of being a spoiler throughout this post, you are absolutely  WRONG, because our motive today is to help our Outdoor Nuts take the perfect advantage of rain & enjoy their time in the –Outdoors!! If this makes you wonder how? Read through the post as we share some amazing ideas to make the dull rain time fun-filled, exciting & memorable.

Rain & Outdoors Activities; an awesome combination!!

Yes, you read that right. Contrary to what we said earlier, we declare rain as the best time to play outside. Surprised, well we always bring you unusual things and the rain outdoor activities are something we personally cherish (P.S. we cherish everything that is related to Outdoors).  So, let us kill the suspense and offer you some amazing rain outdoor activities ideas that are Awesome to Make a Rainy Day, The Best Day Ever.

Rain Art:

We can feel every creative soul dance in joy with the mention of this activity. Yes, this is a creative activity and an amalgam of both indoors and outdoors because you play it on your veranda.  It starts with the rain droplets on your veranda tiles, some colors, and beautiful rainbow colored picture. It is a simple activity that can be enjoyed by one and all in the family. You have to mix the color with the droplets on the floors and watch as it makes amazing patterns. To add a wow element in this activity and obviously, to make some memories, you can now take a paper sheet and put it gently on top of the colorful droplet. As you take the paper-sheet off, there is an incredible design on the sheet that you can get laminated as a memory. Do not forget to label it with the date and name of the artist.

Rainbow Activities

Water Park in the Backyard:

It is already pouring so you do not have to worry about the mess you will make with some extra water supply to play this game. If you have ever bought a ticket to a water park to enjoy the sprinkle of water while you play with the water, well nature has made you a perfect setup in your backyard. All you need to do is build a makeshift water slide and pull up a water slide competition. Whoever wins gets whatever he wants for the next holiday season.

Waterpark Rain outdoor Activities

Exploring some wildlife:

Rain can be boring but not for those who have a keen interest in nature and its creations. There are a number of animals that embrace rain like anything and a good shower make them come on the surface to relish the feeling. You can plan out a neighborhood tour and identify as many animals as you can. You will find some snails, earthworms, frogs, and many tiny creatures soaking in the rain. Click the picture and make your Rain Memories Album. Kids will love this!!

Exploring Wild Life

Camping is fun in Rain:

When it starts to rain, you must head outside & make a perfect camping site in your backyard. You can do this as soon as you spot the dark clouds progressing. When it will finally rain, you will have a sturdy shelter to stay dry and cozy. Moreover, the clouds will make the surroundings dull, dark and wet; a perfect landscape for a camping site. Enjoy as it pours and later cooks you tasty barbecue along with a bonfire and rain time stories.

Camping in the rain

Mudpie fight:

It sounds all messy, creepy and mushy; honestly, for outdoor nuts, these words point to a perfect time to enjoy and have a memorable time. This game is perfect to enjoy with family; make teams and start the game with a huge mud pie on your opponents face. You are definitely going to enjoy the shower and the slippery mud. However, we recommend finding an open ground with lots of mud to play this game, the lady of the house will definitely not want her backyard & walls covered with mud pies.

Game mud

Boating competition:

No, no real boats; we mean the paper boats we used to make in our childhood days. Well, when did you last folded a paper to make something creative? When you were in Kindergarten; you must be kidding us!! Bring your inside child out and play in the rain as your paper boat leaves all another behind in a race. You can paint your boat or put a flag on it to identify & then find a flowing water stream on the side of the road or street and you know what to do next. You can set amazing prizes for the winner like a treat in their favorite restaurant.



Burst the puddle:

Another messy outdoor rain activity from our creative satchel is about bursting the puddles. Simple to play; all you need is your gumboots and raincoat to get set go. Whoever bursts the more puddle wins the game.

Burst puddle

Hope these activities are exactly what makes you fall in love with rain and outdoors. Do not sit idle when it is so lovely and exciting outside. Pick one of these activities and make your dull & dark day; memorable & happening. Share the idea with family and friends and save their day as well. The memories you make on this rainy day while playing outdoor will make you happy forever and help you develop more innovative ideas for the future. So, When it “Rains”, you must shout out “Outdoors”!!

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