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Family outdoor activities is Where we began, Outdoor Nuts is What we’ve become

OUTDOOR NUTS was launched in 2017 by two friends and are a pure outcome of passion for outdoors. United by their fondness for the thrill, adventure and outdoors, Charles & Damien are the founders of this online space that caters to “Outdoor Nuts” like us, and thus the name represents it all. We started this company to help people passionate about outdoors (just like we are) to get whatever they need, to keep their outdoor spirits burning and alive, at one place.

The story of our inception is as unique as our concept. Living a normal life with all spices of outdoor flavors, we honed ourselves with all type of outdoor experiences. While Charles spends his weekend’s hiking & trekking through the mountains, sometimes alone and sometimes accompanied by his wife and sons, Damien found his heaven in ultra-trail & mountaineering alone and occasionally with wife & two kids.

The idea to establish Outdoor Nuts was spontaneous but thoughtful, we separately & combined, honed ourselves with knowledge about the outdoors and various outdoor products to understand what is the best to offer.

It took three years and counting (we are still embracing a lot that outdoors has to offer) to come up with a solid base of knowledge and experience to extend the same to our fellow outdoor nuts. Through family hikes, extensive trek and trial practices; we acquired our expertise & knowledge. Surprised by how much our friends asked for advice, we decided together to create a community, but with the idea of making every outdoor adventure a lifetime memorable experience. And thus, Outdoor Nuts was born!


outdoor specialist, recreative activities, sport specialist


As we believe in making every outdoor experience memorable, each one of our products at OUTDOOR NUTS has its value for being the most useful, multipurpose, durable and affordable outdoor gear. We put quality over any other thing and thus showcase an inventory of outdoor gears that are rich with value & help in making outdoor experiences fun filed & unforgettable.

We are not just another outdoor platform selling you products of high-price and low value, but, we are an outdoor community that picks any outdoor gear after testing it for real-life situations. A team of 20 beta-testers ( a team of professionals, amateurs & families committed to outdoors) is always on their heels to find out the best in every product and thus our inventory can be trusted by every outdoor enthusiast with that “nut” spirit inside.

In a nutshell, our main objective is to offer you features delivering memorable experiences for both family activities or more engaged outdoor practices


outdoor specialist, recreative activities, sport specialist



It was never about selling technological outdoor products, but to build a community that motivates, helps & support aspiring outdoor enthusiasts to join & explore their inner outdoor nut. For professionals, we aimed to become a platform where one can get the right & well-tested gear and some advanced tips to take their outdoor passion to the next level.

There is a lot to explore in the outdoors, but until to step out, you are deprived of all the treasure. Outdoor Nuts is all about making memories while exploring the secrets and treasures of outdoors, but, with a twist.


We purely aim to Change the way you think and live outdoor. By making it simple and supporting for all outdoor enthusiasts, we aim to bring the essence of outdoor in your life. Our aim to help people get closer to Mother Nature and discover a new path of life. Trying hard, pushing your limits & living each moment to the core is what makes rich outdoor experiences and at Outdoor Nuts, this is what we chase around.



Our secret dream is to inspire you to get out and share your own outdoor experience so that it changes your life. If we can have some impact on our community to make it more outdoor, that’s what means the world to us. This is why we created #outdoornutsnation.


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